Combine your HACCP and HARPC Plan Step-by-Step

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This practical step-by-step guidance will help you combine your HACCP & HARPC plan. Your answer to a combined approach which takes into account the requirements for both standards and provides one cohesive methodology is HERE for the first time.

Written by Kassy Marsh

The use of HACCP principles is driven by local law, customer requirements and also by standards, such as Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised schemes. These drivers mean that; even with the introduction of the preventive control rule and therefore HARPC, the need for a HACCP based system also remains. Food facilities will continue to be requested by law, by their customers and by the certification standards that they adhere to, to comply with HACCP principles. Therefore, there is a need for a combined HACCP and HARPC approach.

The methodology detailed in this book has been designed to comply with both HACCP and HARPC requirements.  In addition to this, it has been developed to meet the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7, which is currently one of the most detailed GFSI recognised standards.

Sample – available to download

1 review for Combine your HACCP and HARPC Plan Step-by-Step

  1. Eva

    Thank you so much Kassy!
    It’s good to know I can contact you. First up I can tell you that I really love your Process Step Assessment! I have been trying to simplify and streamline things for our company over the years and this is really a huge step forward :-).
    Thanks again,

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