This year we asked our clients to complete a feedback form for us and we’d like to share the results with you – good and bad.

We don’t believe in hiding anything, and we believe there’s always room for improvement – so we want to share our improvement plans with you.

So here are the results…

Rate your consultant…

Please rate your consultant based on the following:

Poor Needs improvement Good Really good Amazing
Timekeeping 0 0 4 52 44
Telephone Communication 0 0 8 56 36
Email Communication 0 0 8 48 44
Verbal Communication 0 0 12 32 56
Appearance 0 0 8 48 44
Friendliness 0 0 4 44 52
Availability 0 0 4 52 44


Please add any further comments you would like to make about the above elements.

“I’m really happy with our consultants support and his hard work he has put into the site. His skills and expertise have contributed into moving the site forward and achieving the BRC grade AA* and getting the site TESCO approved. He is a great communicator and quite hands on and has gained the respect of the whole site team.”

Elivra, Nicholas & Harris

“I have found our consultants expertise and support leading up to and following our audit brilliant. I was able to achieve way beyond my businesses expectations and this was thanks to him!”

“Our consultant makes time for any queries I have and advice given is always well thought out and sound. Incredibly likeable person, he’s become part of our working family fast.”

“I don’t usually give ‘amazing’ feedback but our consultant was excellent with his communication both before our pre-audit, obviously during the audit but also afterwards when we had a few questions that had arisen.”

Martin, Tree of Life

Our values

Our values as a business are to:

  • add value in everything we do,
  • respect and treat others as we would want to be treated
  • do the right thing, by putting morals before money
  • and to act with integrity because we believe ignorance makes you complicit

Please rate how well you feel your consultant represents us in these values?

Poor Needs improvement Good Really good Amazing
Adding value 0 4 8 50 38
Treating others with respect 0 0 0 33 67
Putting morals before money 0 0 8 33 58
Acting with integrity 0 0 4 29 67

Knowledge and expertise

What do you think about the knowledge and expertise provided by your Techni-K consultant?

Poor Needs improvement Good Really good Amazing
0 4 0 24 72


If you have experienced any difficult situations with your consultant, how do you feel this was handled?

“Performance substandard during internal audit. Was handled effectively and in a pleasant manner: compliments for that!”

“Honestly no, our consultant is very clear cut and doesn’t mince his words but I’m really happy with that.”


How do you feel about the support supplied by your consultant in helping you achieve your goals?

Poor Needs improvement Good Really good Amazing
0 4 0 16 80

Room for improvement

Can you think of anything you would like us to improve on – no matter how small?

“Slightly more detail on the after visit report.”

“Be sharp and always think of ways to add more value.”

“Maybe a little more clarity around the smart client and what you get, who’s responsible for tracking how many days are used/ charged for?”

“Help with ISO9001 maybe?”

“Level of information we receive is excellent thank you. I was blown away by the BRC issue 8 information book I received on the training course that you put together. It gave me a step by step guide of how I needed to improve my systems ready for audit. Never had such fantastic literature.”

“No, our consultant had the time to go through our QMS in detail and picked up on the smallest of detail that the auditor could of easily picked up on and gave us lots of feedback on how we could improve.”

“When the internal audit master is completed during each audit session it is not on my master which has the corrective actions from last internal audit, It’s on a copy from last audit and so I have to copy everything over so it’s all in one document with completed corrective actions, and I feel this leaves me open to making an error or missing something when copying across. It would be better for Techni-K to use my copy with corrective actions.”

Are we a good fit?

What do you think about your Techni-K consultant being a good fit for your business and its culture?

Poor Needs improvement Good Really good Amazing
0 4 0 28 68

Do you have any comments about your Techni-K consultant in relation to your business and its culture?

“We are a relatively simple trading business driven by cloud based systems. The BRC A&B wasn’t a big step up in terms of workload but our consultant made our system match the way we do business – the only way for the BRC to work for us.”

“I obviously wasn’t expecting someone who was an expert in organic herbal Indian teas and food supplements, I needed a BRC expert and that’s what I got.”

“Our culture has a very direct approach and both consultants dealt with this well and actually found it quite refreshing and open.” Liz, William Grants

“Our consultant brings a positive food safety, food defence and quality outlook to our business.”

“Our consultant had a clear understanding of what we did as a business and how we go about things.”

And finally…

How would you rate the service provided by Techni-K?

Poor Needs improvement Good Really good Amazing
0 0 0 28 72

Is there anything that you need, that we are not currently providing?

“Provide training certificates for the conversion to BRC 8 for the consultants please.”


“Only perhaps to be able to obtain quickly via the website a copy of the auditors certifications, as in my BRC last year we had a panic as I didn’t have a certificate for a past auditor. This may not be feasible but just an idea.”


Action Plan

So, based on the information provided here is what we have committed to doing, to improve our service:

Improvement area 1 –
non-conformance on internal audits

One of our clients received a minor non-conformance on their BRC Agents & Brokers audit because of two issues, raised on internal audits that we had done:

  1. On each internal audit we do, we always verify the close out of the actions from the previous internal audit. Although this had been done, the consultant had not recorded that it had been done on the internal audit.
  2. We audit to the clauses of the Standard. Clause 3.5.1 states “There shall be a scheduled programme of internal audits throughout the year”. However, the interpretation of this clause states “… an effective internal audit programme will normally identify at least four different dates throughout the year on which audits will take place.” Therefore, we audited to the clause and didn’t pick up the fact that there needed to be 4 audit dates, because this isn’t in the clause – it’s in the interpretation.


  1. We have now amended the internal audit proformas so that this cell is in red – so it can’t be missed. (Complete)
  2. We are now going to go through all the Standards and identify where there are requirements hidden in the interpretation, so we can add these into the audit scope. (Feb 2020)

Improvement area 2 –
improvements to internal audits

One client had an issue with having to copy over the results of the new internal audit onto her previous copy (we have them all on one master spreadsheet). This was easily rectified, but it got us thinking that we could improve our systems to help with the management of close out of non-conformances.


  1. Investigate and develop internal audit and non-conformances close out systems, to provide to Smart Clients (Jun 2020)

Improvement area 3 –
access to certification

A couple of our clients suggested that it would be good to be able to access our consultants qualifications at any time on our website.


  1. Provide consultants certificates on the Smart Client Intranet (Jan 2020)

Improvement area 4 –
Smart Client

One client suggested it would be good to have a tracker that they can see, which shows how many of their consultancy days and remote consultancy time they have left on their Smart Client.


  1. Provide tracking information of days and hours on the Smart Client Intranet (Complete)

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