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Each time the BRC standard changes, we all have to improve our systems to meet the new requirements.  At Techni-K our aim is make this as painless as possible for you, by providing you with articles, documentation packs and courses to help you. Now, we’re going to help you with non-conformance trending.

The only thing we’ve not had until now, is the ability to be able to tell you which clauses are causing the most non-conformances.

But not anymore…

We now have a simple form that you can fill in, to tell us which clauses you got non-conformances for in your audit. The information provided is strictly confidential and we will not share any information about you personally, or your site. The aim of collecting this data, is so that we can use it, to help you by providing you with non-conformance trending.

The non-conformance trending form

In the form we ask you to tell us:

  • Your name and email (which will not be shared)
  • Your site name (which is optional, but again will not be shared)
  • Your location
  • Your certification body
  • The date of your audit
  • Which clauses you got non-conformances for and if they were minor, major or critical

We only ask for your name, email and site details, just in case we need to get in touch with you for further information.  Typically, this won’t be needed, but if a trend appears where we think you may have information that will help other sites, we may need to get in touch.

What we’ll do with the data

Once we have the information, we’re going to use it to let you know what the most common non-conformances are. We can then write articles on these specific topics to help you, so that you don’t get the same non-conformance.

Because we’re asking about your location, we will be able to provide this non-conformance trending detail for your country as well, in case there are differences from location to location.

Plus, we can look at the data by certification body as well.  Which means, we’ll be able to let you know if there are any certification bodies that are more likely to give you certain non-conformances. So, if you have the same certification body, you can be ready!

How up to date will the information be?

The results are provided in real time, so it’s always up to date!

The sky’s the limit!

We think this non-conformance trending is going to be pretty neat!  We’re very excited about it – we hope you are too. It really shows, that we’re building an amazing community that are willing to help each other to succeed.  We are really becoming a force to be reckoned with!

This is just the start though and we think we can build on this.  We really need to think big.  Imagine if we could share more – to help each other. We could share information on how to close out non-conformances, best practice solutions to non-conformances and much, much more.

What do you want?

So please, get involved and fill in the form for your site and share your non-conformance results. If you can think of any ways of us building on this to improve it, please add your suggestions to the reply box below.

Plus, if you can think of any other ways of us providing this type of service for you, that would help you, please let us know about that too!  We truly want our website to be as useful to you as it can be, so tell us what you want and we’ll try our very best.

Here is the form to fill in!

Add your non-conformance data here

The results

BRCGS Food – 2019
2.7.1Predominately missing radiological hazard control
4.6.1Appropriately constructed and maintained equipment control
3.3.1Records including electronic
4.11.1Clean and hygienic premises and equipment
1.1.6Whistleblowing system
4.4.8Internal and external doors
3.4.1Internal audit schedule
4.2.1Threat assessment
4.7.3Temporary repairs
4.11.2Cleaning procedures (CICs)
1.1.12Root cause analysis of BRCGS audit non-conformances
3.2.1Document control procedure monitoring programme
3.11.4Including incident, recall or regulatory issue in incident procedure and deboxing procedure
5.5.3Obsolete packaging procedure
3.4.3Non-compliance and compliance evidence on audit reports approval procedure
3.8.1Non-conforming product
4.1.3Building fabrication (external)
4.2.3Threat protection (security measures)
4.4.1Fabrication – walls detector/X-ray – reject system
4.15.1Material storage and transfer
4.15.2Part used packaging storage

BRCGS Food – 2020
2.7.1Predominately missing radiological hazard
2.5.1*Process flow diagram
3.3.1Records including electronic
4.4.8Internal and external doors control
4.11.6*Control of cleaning equipment
6.1.2*Critical equipment settings
6.2.3*Packaging checks
9.3.2*Verification of supplier testing results
BRCGS Packaging – 2020
2.2.6Hazard identification
4.8.5Environmental monitoring programme

*Denotes new for 2020

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7 thoughts on “Non-conformance trending for BRCGS audits

      1. Kassy, LinkedIn is actually a really good way of reaching out to more subscribers and helping each other. Is there something in specific you want to inform about or is this url enough?

        1. Hi Tony
          Yes LinkedIn is great, but the more of our lovely techie’s share it, the better – as we’ll reach more people. If you could just explain that we’re trying to build trending non-conformance information, for everyone to use and that we need everyone to share their results.
          Thanks in advance for helping, it really is appreciated!

  1. Hi Kassy,
    Just had a look at this and wonder is it solely for BRC food? Couldn’t find a couple of points that we received n/c’s in from our S&D audit.
    Many thanks for your great service!

    1. Hi Sarah
      It’s just food and packaging at the moment, but we’ll be expanding it to cover S&D too – won’t be long 🙂

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