BRC S&D Internal Auditing Documentation Pack

£190.00 (plus VAT)

If you need to update your internal auditing system to meet Issue 3 – our BRC Storage Distribution internal audit pack is simple to use.

To keep it easy and simple, all documents are in word and excel – so you don’t need to learn or install any software!

Written by the experts…

We’ve used our many, many years of auditing experience to develop this BRC Storage and Distribution internal audit system which is not only best practice, but also easy to use.

Your internal auditors don’t need to try to interpret the Standard, because we’ve done that for you.  Each systems audit proforma contains a list of questions or elements that the auditor needs to check.  Also, we’ve even provided the auditor with guidance, so they know what to record for compliance for each item.

We’ve taken all the topics of the BRC Storage and Distribution audit and split them into practical elements that can be audited easily.

Each audit question is also tagged with the original BRC Issue 3 clause reference, so if you need to – you can find the clause that it relates to.


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