*BRC Storage and Distribution Issue 3 QMS (Documentation Pack)

£620.00 (plus VAT)

This comprehensive documentation pack is designed to help you meet the BRC  Storage Distribution Standard Issue 3. It contains document templates which meet the standard that you can take, amend to meet your needs and implement – meaning you know you’ve got everything covered ready for your audit. It has also been updated to reflect the recent position statement: SD308.

If you already have some of your systems in place, but just need a specific section of the BRC Storage Distribution standard, then we can provide separate sections, see the list below. We also have systems to cover the additional modules for wholesalers and contracted services, again see below for the list.

The BRC Storage Distribution pack comes with an implementation guide, which walks you through the process and helps you to manage the actions required to implement all the required systems and procedures.

The pack includes a HACCP section also updated to BRC Issue 3, which not only provides you with the procedures, records and templates, but it also provides you with a completed gold standard Storage & Distribution HACCP for you to amend and adapt, so you don’t need to start from scratch.

The BRC Storage and Distribution  Issue 3 pack contains over 100 documents for you to use.

Note, this pack is designed to meet the standards in the UK only and covers sites using a contractor to manage their pest control.


Written by the experts…

We have used our extensive experience to develop a Quality Management System that perfectly meets the BRC storage and distribution Issue 3 standard.

When you’re preparing for your first BRC audit, you don’t have time to write your own quality management system from scratch.  With our documentation pack, we’ve done all the hard work for you – so you can focus on getting ready for your audit.

The pack has been written so that it’s perfectly aligned with the standard – with a procedure for each section and it contains all the records you’ll need too.

you need to do, is amend it where necessary, following our easy to use instructions and implement it.

Because we’re experts in BRC standards, we know exactly what is required to meet the standard and we’ve written the procedures in easy to follow terms – so you can feel confident that you’ve got everything covered.

The pack even includes a completed process flow chart, hazard analysis and CCPs for a typical storage and distribution process.  So all you need to do, is amend it to suit your site.


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