Our Best Practise BRC Incident, Withdrawal & Recall Pack…

Do you need to update your incident, withdrawal and recall system, so that it meets all of the requirements of the BRC Food Safety standard – issue 7?

We have created a pack that provides you with the method in a procedure and the supporting documents you’ll need!

The recall pack…

Written by the experts…

Nobody likes dealing with recalls and incidents, but we’ve used our many years of experience to develop an incident system which is not only best practice, but also easy to use.

The procedure details the requirements of the incident team, who should be on the team and their responsibilities.

The incident form guides the team through the process, helping to ensure that all the necessary information is recorded.

And when needed, the product incident flow chart assists those involved in the incident to help them communicate at the right time and consider the necessary steps.

Tick them off…

What’s included..

Management of incidents, withdrawals & recall procedure

Incident form

Template for key contacts

Product incident flow chart

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BRC Food Safety

Priced at £80 plus VAT 

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We are so confident you’ll be pleased with your BRC Incident, Withdrawal & Recall Pack & find it excellent value for money – but if not, simply email us to get a full refund – we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

We’ll be here for you – if you have questions while you’re implementing your new pack – just call or email us!