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Last reviewed 23rd Sept 2021

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Version 3: 14th June 2021 (NEW)

SD404 Position Statements for Issue 4

Version 3

Addition to trimming of fresh produce, for certification bodies.

The additon of a vulnerability assessment for wholesale branded product.

Version 2

Date for suspension of unannounced audits extended until 31st Dec 2021.

Version 1.1

Corrections to spelling and grammar, no changes to the requirements.

Version 1

Protocol details regarding how the 1 in 3 unannounced audits will be managed.

Version 3: 12th March 2021 (NEW)

BRCGS089 Unnanounced

Version 3

Additional 60 minutes allowed for covid requirements (e.g. auditor testing).

Version 2.1

Date for suspension of unannounced audits extended until 31st Dec 2021.

Version 3.1 1st March 2021 (NEW)

BRCGS080 Blended audits

Version 3.1

Added details for when your blended audit is combined with another GFSI audit. And, addition of the gluten free certificate to the blended audit option.

Version 1

Details on how to complete a BRCGS blended audit, which is part remote and part on site.

Version 2.1: 1st March 2021 (NEW)

BRCGS079: Protocol on unannounced audits (for announced sites)

Version 2.1

New protocol for sites which have very short seasons. S&D sites have the option to choose fully unannounced, or part announced on the year that it’s due.

Version 1.1

Outlines the requirements for announced sites to have 1 unnanounced audit every 3 years.

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