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Version 1: 13th July 2020



Version 1

Details on how to complete a BRCGS blended audit, which is part remote and part on site.

Version 1.1 dated and published 16th July 2020

Version 1: dated and published 15th July 2020



P614–Guidance Document

Disposable food contact packaging/ consumer items

NEW: Version 1.1

Removed the word ‘on’ from the title of the document.

Version 1

Details which Standard (Packaging or Consumer Products) is applicable to manufacturers of disposable consumer items such as paper plates, cutlery etc.

Version 1 dated: 27th May 2020

Version 2 dated and released: 29th May 2020

Version 3 dated and released: 6th July 2020



NEW: Version 3

Where an audit cannot be arranged because of lack of availability of auditors, the site has 3 options:

  1. arrange the audit with another certification body
  2. apply a certificate extension and book in the audit at the next available time
  3. book in the audit and allow the current certificate to expire (the normal major will not be applied in this situation)

They have also stated that details for loaning auditors and blended audits are available in position statements BRCGS082 and BRCGS080.

Version 2

Change to witness auditor details, although we can’t tell you what these changes were – as version 1 wasn’t published on the website.

Version 1

Guidance for CB’s and sites on how audits should be conducted when restrictions are lifted.

Dated 23rd May 2020

Released 28th May 2020



NEW: Version 1

Provides details of the new Certificate Extension PLUS option – which is voluntary and not GFSI recognised.

14th May 2020



Version 5

Fees added for certificate extensions.

Version 4

Introduction of fee for certificate extensions. Update on unannounced audits – they are suspended by you can choose to go ahead. Update on due dates and change to the certificate text.

Version 3

Provides guidance on certificate extensions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last reviewed 18th Sept 2020

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