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Version 1 30th Nov 2020 (Not yet published)



Version 1 (NEW)

Where allergens are identified through HARA, an allergen risk assessment and management plan to control cross-contamination is required. (Effective from 1st July 2021)

Version 1 11th Nov 2020 (Published 1st Dec 2020?)



Version 1 (NEW)

Where packaging has a functional safety claim, the statement of compliance must provide details and evidence of this claim. (Effective from 1st July 2021)

Version 1.1. 30th Oct 2020

Version 1: 9th Oct 2020 (Not published as of 18th Oct)



Version 1.1 (NEW)

Corrections to spelling and grammar, no changes to the requirements.

Version 1

Protocol details regarding how the 1 in 3 unannounced audits will be managed.

Version 1: 13th July 2020



Version 1

Details on how to complete a BRCGS blended audit, which is part remote and part on site.

Version 1.1 dated and published 16th July 2020

Version 1: dated and published 15th July 2020



P614–Guidance Document

Disposable food contact packaging/ consumer items

NEW: Version 1.1

Removed the word ‘on’ from the title of the document.

Version 1

Details which Standard (Packaging or Consumer Products) is applicable to manufacturers of disposable consumer items such as paper plates, cutlery etc.

Last reviewed 3rd December 2020

All COVID-19 related position statements are now stored in one place: What are the options for BRCGS audit during COVID-19?

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  2. Hello,
    where can I find Position Statement BRCGS082? It’s not on BRC website.
    I’ll appreciate the help.
    And congratulation for your work. It’s really helpful

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