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9th Nov 2020 (NEW)

(published 16th Nov 2020)



Version 3

Branding logo change – no additional requirements.

Version 4

  1. Culture is now a requirement in line with GFSI benchmarking and will be audited from 1st Feb 2021.
  2. Change to the statement of intent for hazard analysis to state that CODEX principles are needed, even if a CODEX system isn’t followed. This shouldn’t change what you do in principle, as long as you were following the CODEX principles (which most sites are anyway). Effective from 1st Feb 2021 also.
  3. Your site now needs to notify your Certification Body within 3 working days, if you recieve an enforcement notice from your local authority. This needs adding to your incident procedure. Effective from 1st Feb 2021 also.
  4. When using a supplier audit to approve a manufacturer or packer, the audit must already cover traceability, product safety, hazard analysis review, product defence and authenticity. You now need to also confirm that the site has effective systems for these, in their own management system. Effective from 1st Feb 2021 also.

Version 3

Logo changes, no change to content.

Version 2

Updated clause to comply with GFSI for product deference and product authenticity (4.1.2).  Effective 1st Feb 2019

Version 1

Exclusions from scope are now permitted, as long as they cover the whole of the product.  I.e all consumer products are excluded from scope, or all packaging products are excluded from scope etc.  Effective 13th June 2018 (i.e. effective immediately)

Version 1.1: 30th Oct 2020

Version 1: 13th July 2020



Version 1.1 (NEW)

Corrections to spelling and grammar, no changes to the requirements.

Version 1

Protocol details regarding how the 1 in 3 unannounced audits will be managed.

Version 1: 13th July 2020



Version 1

Details on how to complete a BRCGS blended audit, which is part remote and part on site.

Last reviewed 11th Feb 2021

All COVID-19 related position statements are now stored in one place: What are the options for BRCGS audit during COVID-19?

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