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When the BRC need to update the Standard, in-between each issue they do this by publishing a position statement.

This position statement is then a requirement from the effective date on the document and you’ll get non-conformances if you don’t comply.

If you’d like to see which position statements are currently live for the BRC Food Safety, BRC Packaging, BRC Agents & Brokers and the BRC Storage & Distribution Standard, you can look our quick reference table – with handy links to all the documents you need.

To see our quick reference table just click here.

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BRC sometimes don’t publish all of their position statements on the main website, but we think they may put them on Participate. We don’t have access to this and so unfortunately we can’t check these for you.  If you do come across any information on Participate, please share it here.  Just because you’re aware, it doesn’t mean everyone else knows – so please help each other and add any information you can to the reply box below. Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “BRC Position Statement

  1. Very useful as always. It is handy to have a page to just refer to when looking for position statements.

    My only comment would be regarding changing certification body. You would need a BRCGS concession to change not only when you fail an audit, but also if you are downgraded and want to be audited early. For example, if downgraded from an AA to an A or a B, you would need to get a BRCGS concession to have an audit from a different certification body prior to the audit window opening. You wouldn’t need a concession if you went to a different certification body within your window.

    Finally, if you fail and audit you can go to a different certification body without a concession if 6 months have passed, because at that point it is treated as a new audit.

  2. I thought I should highlight that the article contains a couple of errors:

    Firstly, that BRCGS don’t notify sites about Position Statements. Reference to Position Statements are included in bulletins to sites. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why a site might not receive these. The obvious things to check are – sites firewalls blocking delivery, BRCGS site bulletins going straight to the ‘junk box’ rather than the inbox, and changes of key staff not notified to the certification body resulting in us having incorrect contact details,

    All BRCGS Position Statements are published on our main website and on BRCGS Participate. None of the Position Statements are omitted from the main website.

    I would take this opportunity to highlight that audits to Issue 8 started on 1st February 2019. Therefore, sites will soon start to receive their second audit to this Standard. Therefore, from 1st February 2020 auditors will therefore expect sites to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of activities relating to the development of the site’s food safety culture (clause 1.1.2). Of course, the best time to complete a review of this type is not at the end of the year, but on conclusion of the specific activity. This allows completion of a review whilst it is ‘fresh in the mind’ and enables the site to consider whether the specific activity improved the site culture or not.

    Finally, for Agents & Brokers Position Statement 1 the summary statement ‘whole of the product’ could be mis-understood. It is the whole of the product type, not just single products. For example, all food products could be excluded from the scope of the audit, but it would not be acceptable exclude some food products from the scope of the audit whilst including other food products.

  3. Kassy,

    That is a good example of one of our bulletins to sites. I opened the version on our website and it clearly states (approx half way through the news):

    BRCGS Food Safety
    F837: Position Statements
    BRCGS have published a new Position Statement for the Food Standard Issue 8. A copy of the document is available here or from BRCGS Participate.

    In the bulletin it also includes a direct link (so that a site can just click where it says ‘here’ to go direct to the Position Statement).


    1. Thanks John, I agree you’re totally right. I had to scan through it a few times to see it. Is there anyway it could be made more prominent? For me, it’s the most important part of the bulletin and it’s been given one of smallest slots. Whereas the sales marketing aspects are really prominent. It means that you’ve got to look hard for it (hence why I missed it – and I’m sure I’m not the only one) and also I suspect that many people will also not read it – as it comes across as a sales and marketing email. Only my view…

      It would be interesting to know what others think?

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