Our BRC Packaging Issue 6 solutions for the BRC Packaging Issue 6 Standard, will give you the benefit of Techni-K’s experience in product safety and quality. You can be confident that you’ve got all of the requirements of the standard covered, which will give your customers confidence in your services.

Your BRC Packaging Issue 6 Standard Compliance Solutions

If you’re looking for compliance to the Standard that’s best practice and need to start from scratch, or if you’re already working to this Standard, we recommend our range of solutions that will save you huge amounts of time. Due to the changes in the BRC Packaging Issue 6 Standard that were introduced in August 2019, our range of products will help you update your compliance, no matter if you’re working a basic hygiene or high hygiene level. To find out more, choose a product below to learn more…

Compliance publications

Our amazing paperback is out now and available to order. Our 188 page full colour lesson guide is a must, if you need to update to Issue 6. It covers all the changes for Basic and High Hygiene sites, so you can be sure this guide will help you understand what’s changed, what it means and what you need to do, to comply. Priced at £75 plus delivery – get yours ordered today!

lesson guide

Our ebook is an exact replica of the paperback, with only one difference – you can buy and download today. Now there’s no stopping you, if you need to get your hands on the ultimate guide to what’s changed, what it means and what you need to do, to comply. Basic & high hygiene is covered in our guide, so you can be sure you’re compliant. Priced at £55 plus vat- get yours now!

Compliance documentation

We are currently updating and adding lots of new BRC Packaging Issue 6 Standard documentation packs to help you with compliance. Over the next few weeks these will be available to buy and download. If you want to be the first to know about the release of our documentation, please subscribe to Techni-K Smart Knowledge or check out our website. We promise, we will be as quick as we can, to get these out for you! To view our risk assessments documentation information page, please click here

All of these BRC Packaging Issue 6 Standard documentation packs are on the way too!

  • Internal Audit and Corrective & Preventive Action – Basic Hygiene & High Hygiene
  • Quality Management System – Basic Hygiene & High Hygiene
  • Product Defence – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene
  • Incident Management – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene
  • Environmental Monitoring – High Hygiene
  • Risk Assessment – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene
  • Personnel – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene
  • Gap Analysis – Basic Hygiene & High Hygiene
  • Material & Supplier Approval, Traded Products and Fraud – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene
  • Hazard Analysis – Food Contact Packaging
  • Hazard Analysis – Non-Food Contact Packaging
  • Senior Management Commitment – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene
  • NPD & Specifications – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene
  • Calibration – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene
  • Incoming Goods, Storage & Dispatch – High Hygiene & Basic Hygiene

Compliance training

We have a great range of training options for you if you need to convert your Issue 5 compliance to Issue 6.
These BRC Packaging Issue 6 Standard products are available now on our website!

BRC Packaging Issue 6 Distance Learning
BRC Packaging Issue 5 to issue 6 Conversion course
BRC Packaging Issue 6 eLearning
BRC Packaging Issue 6 In-House Training
All of our products are supported with FREE telephone and email support – so you don’t need to feel like you’re on your own, there’s always help at hand if you don’t understand something or just need someone to bounce your thoughts or ideas off.  We also offer consultancy if you need us to come to site and help you implement this standard and get audit-ready. More details about this service can be found here.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee – we are so confident you’ll be pleased with your pack, but if you’re not for any reason just get in touch and we’ll refund your money.

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