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Food Safety Consultancy

Kassy Marsh

FOODIE SINCE: I left bakery college in 1995
SKILLS: BSc Food Technology, HACCP Level 4, Food Safety Level 4, BRC Food Safety, Lead Assessor, Dairy Science, FSPCA Lead Instructor for Human Food
THE TECHIE BIT: I didn’t mess about when I started work and quickly worked my way through New Product Development, Process Control, Technical Manager, QEHS Manager and Compliance for both site, central and regional roles
LOVES: Problem solving, helping others and seeing others succeed – even though it’s cliche, HACCP, quality control and clearly laid out systems
HATES: Making things more complicated than they need to be
ACHIEVEMENTS: Creating team Techni-K who make me proud every day, developing and publishing ground-breaking systems such as ‘Assessing Threat Vulnerability for Food Defence’  ‘Assessing Error Vulnerability for Food Integrity’ & our new Level 2 Food Safety & GMP Courses specific to industry

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023 Mobile: 07708 380784
EMAIL: kassy.marsh@techni-k.co.uk

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Mel Allen

FOODIE SINCE: I like to eat – usually things I shouldn’t – is that a foodie?
SKILLS: Level 3 Training Principles & Practice, Question writing design & development, AAT Diploma, BIFA Customs & Imports Procedures, Business Administration, Various Certificates for Supervision & Computerised Systems. Other skills include: Supplier compliance systems, Creative software systems & organisation of any kind!
THE TECHIE BIT: Compliance to systems and procedures has been the backbone of my working life in Supply chain management, Customs, Civil Service & MOD, Manufacturing, Careers & Education, Accounts, HR & Payroll.
DISLIKESMistakes (my office nickname is Megachecker!) & rushing by cutting corners ignoring procedures. 
ACHIEVEMENTS: Helping to develop the business as we have grown over the past few years & shaping the look & feel of our business through our website & marketing materials. Creating a great customer service experience for anyone who comes into contact with us. 

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: melanie.allen@techni-k.co.uk

food safety consultancy

Adrian Atter

SKILLS: Fdsc Food Manufacturing Science, Food Microbiology, Level 4 HACCP in Manufacturing, Food Safety Level 4, Lead Auditor, Legal Labelling, Vulnerability & TACCP
THE TECHIE BIT: I fell into the food industry & started working as a Team Leader on a soup line, moved over to become a QA and worked my up to Technical Manager. I completed this through several companies, food categories and environments. I have a wealth of experience in the Fish industry specifically, being based in Grimsby with my family. 
LOVES: Passing on knowledge to others to make their jobs easier. Training, teaching, educating and developing others is very rewarding.
HATES: Over complication, I like to keep things simple and straightforward.
ACHIEVEMENTS: The work I do on a daily basis with clients always makes me feel like I am achieving for both myself and the client.  Helping with compliance and procedures as well as giving professional advice in a technical consultancy role, gives me a sense accomplishment & the motivation to travel each day to new challenges & existing clients where I have developed relationships as an extended technical team member. 

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: adrian.atter@techni-k.co.uk

Food Safety Consultancy

Robert Montagu

FOODIE SINCE: 1977 – back when a pint of milk cost 10p! 
SKILLS: BSc Food Science & Management, Food Microbiology, Lead Auditor, Intermediate HACCP, Food Hygiene, TACCP, Retailer Compliance Systems.
THE TECHIE BIT:  I started my career in Food Manufacturing through a number of food companies; starting as a trainee manager all the way up to the role of Technical Director.  I have worked in both manufacturing and retail environments. I have a broad range of experience to offer in various food product groups: Frozen and chilled ready-meals, Prepared salads, Bakery, Dairy desserts, Meat, Poultry and Pastry.   
LOVES: Problem solving and working with others to resolve issues and seeing success.  I love to pass on my knowledge and develop others that will enable them to go on to greater things.
DISLIKES: Overcomplication of systems and procedures that then make them inoperable! Simple is good.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Helping a number of companies regain retailer technical confidence and achieve the required level of technical status which enabled them to move forward and grow their business.

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: robert.montagu@techni-k.co.uk

Damien Fontaniere

FOODIE SINCE: Childhood, when I spent all my summers on a farm
SKILLS: MSc Food Technology & Quality Assurance, BSc Food Science & Management, Advanced Food Hygiene, BRC Lead Auditor, HACCP level 4, Food Labelling.
THE TECHIE BIT: After graduating, I was thrown straight in at the deep end as a Quality Manager in a medium-sized bakery. After getting more experience at different companies in Technical & Quality Management roles, I then developed my career as an independent Food Safety Consultant helping food manufacturers throughout the UK gain recognised 3rd party food safety certifications to achieve the technical standards expected by major retail and food service companies.
LOVES: Coaching others, processes and anything that is logical.
DISLIKES: Systems that are not practical and straightforward to use. Superficiality – when there is no meaning or depth behind something.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Helping a wide range of food & drink manufacturers improve their technical standards which has allowed them to explore new markets and opportunities.

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: damien.fontaniere@techni-k.co.uk

Barbara Bray

TECHNI-K CREW MEMBER: Since September 2018
FOODIE SINCE: I learnt to make homemade yoghurt as a teenager!
SKILLS: BSc Food Technology, MSc Postharvest Technology, MSc Human Nutrition, HACCP Level 4, Food Safety Level 4, TACCP, BRC Food Safety v8, Lead Auditor, M&S Select Produce auditor.
THE TECHIE BIT: I started my career working in the charity sector with subsistence farmers in Uganda before going into commercial agriculture. I returned to the UK in 1999 and spent 15 years working in the chilled foods manufacturing sector specialising in fresh produce and covering procurement and technologist roles then finally working as a technical manager.
LOVES: Helping people accomplish their goals, seeing the confidence grow in the staff who learn new skills and delivering the fabulous Techni-k courses to our clients.
DISLIKES: Getting lost and stuck in traffic.
ACHIEVEMENTS: MBE for services to food nutrition, TEDx talk Diet, diversity and the future of food, Helping businesses build good systems and achieve great audit results, being awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2017 and invited to speak on nutrition and food security at Queens University Belfast.

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: barbara.bray@techni-k.co.uk

Tessa Anderson

TECHNI-K CREW MEMBER: Since April 2019
FOODIE SINCE: After my degree, I saw food in a new light from a scientific perspective and I really liked the science and food processing elements of my degree. I eat vegan, so I enjoy researching food recipes that helps me lead a healthy and tasty vegan lifestyle. 
SKILLS: BSc Food Technology, HACCP Training, Multi-Spec System Training, Retailer systems, Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, Process Troubleshooting, Legal Labelling.
THE TECHIE BIT: I have worked in NPD – managing launches, coordinating services for multiple sites including supply chain in a technical services role. Whilst working in technical, I’ve worked for food retailers and manufacturers leading projects and teams as well as working as part of a team on a variety of different projects.  
LOVES: Good food, travelling, the outdoors and problem solving.
DISLIKES: Wasting time and poor or non-existent communication.
ACHIEVEMENTS: I have a good work reputation that I am really proud of. I have really good relationships with those around me, both at work and at home. I have balance in my personal and working life as well as good health which I am really thankful for.

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: tessa.anderson@techni-k.co.uk

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Steph O’Brien

FOODIE SINCE: Does teaching people what to eat (and what not to eat!) as a Bushcraft Instructor count?
SKILLS: I wear a few hats here at Techni-K, from creating systems like our bespoke training dashboard, designing and building the website – as well as creating illustrations for our publications.
THE TECHIE BIT: I am a techie geek – but in the digital sense. You’ll find me headphones on, working the code behind our systems.
LOVES: Solving our clients dilemmas and making things as user friendly as possible.
HATES: Clutter – in the mind, in our communications and on my desk.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Although a newbie to the team, I have been working with Techni-K for a number of years. I love the training dashboard we have developed – seeing it develop from concept to a useful tool for organisations across the globe is very rewarding.

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: steph.obrien@techni-k.co.uk

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Nike Olatunji

FOODIE SINCE: 2006 after my BSc in chemistry. I loved cooking so much & wanted to know more about food. What goes into it and how to make it safe. I went for my Masters in food safety and control, the rest is history…
SKILLS: MSc Food Safety & Control, HACCP Level 4, BRC Lead Auditor, CIEH Food Safety Level 4, PTTLS Level 4, BRC Consultant, Implementation of Systems & Auditing.
THE TECHIE BIT: I have over 13 years technical experience, providing support to many varied sectors. I started my career after my MSc at the London Southbank University. I have also worked in different capacities as a consultant and head of technical. I have a passion for the work I do to constantly achieve beyond expectation. I am driven & motivated for my clients to get results. I have helped several businesses in the implementation of quality management systems in line with the BRC Food Standard, BRC Agents & Brokers and SALSA. 
LOVES: Helping clients to resolve challenging situations, driving change, achieving results, creating new ideas & strategy building.
HATES: Deceit.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Helping Implementing food safety systems from scratch, my family and balancing my work with my family life.

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: nike.olatunji@techni-k.co.uk

Sharon Brown

TECHNI-K CREW MEMBER: Since March 2020
FOODIE SINCE: A long time! I have been making novelty & wedding cakes since I was 13 – progressing on to Bakery College. Officially since 1991.
SKILLS: BRCGS Lead Auditor, CIEH L4 Food Safety for Management for Manufacturing, HACCP Level 4, Root Cause Analysis, Verification & Validation & Risk Assessment, plus various other industry specific training.
THE TECHIE BIT: I am an approved BRCGS Food Safety Professional with 30 years hands on food industry experience in 12 sectors: Food Processing & Packing, Red Meat, Slaughter & Cutting, Dairy, Chilled & Frozen, Ready to Eat/Heat, Ambient Stable Heat Preserved, Ambient Stable Foods, Bakery Products Ambient, Confectionery, Snacks & Breakfast Cereals, Fats & Oils and Food Ingredients.  I specialise in Technical & Quality Management, BRC8 Lead Auditor, GAP analysis’ & pre assessments against BRC8, UK Retailer & other Certification Standards & EHO inspections. Internal, external & supplier auditing, HACCP System Simplification & advice, GMP training, Quality Management System (QMS) rewrites. Food safety risk assessments, Root Cause Analysis exercises & Validation/Verification of products. Ethical & Environmental advice.
LOVES: I love doing a good job professionally & thrive on getting good results. My two little girls (cats), travelling and gardening.
HATES: : I hate disorganisation and not being able to change things for the better. I have to help everybody and get frustrated when I can’t.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Commissioned 2x Multi £ bread lines in the UK for a major Bread manufacture, later also introducing 2 crumpet plants to the site, Designed & commissioned 3 Test Bakeries & NPD facilities to enable raw ingredient analysis and problem solving for key customers UK wide, Key member of the Heat Treatment Cake Flour Implementation Team in the milling sector and decommissioning chlorination of flour in the UK, Developer on a children’s ready meal project now selling to multiple retailers.

Contact me – Office: 07955 211023
Email: sharon.brown@techni-k.co.uk

Read here our service & product reviews…

I have studied the system developed by Adele Adams & Kassy Marsh, to provide a shield against food business infiltration by those seeking to cause damage, either directly or indirectly. It uses the well-known and acknowledged methodology of HACCP. To me, the implementation of their systems seems logical and if followed correctly, will no doubt leave your business in a much better place in terms of defending against those who seek to commit criminal activities.

Professor Chris Elliott – Professor of Food Safety & Director of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast

Great service from start to finish, Techni-K have provided us with an excellent new HACCP system which has simplified our systems and made us stronger in terms of auditing and accreditation requirements. As a Company we would strongly recommend their services to our customer and supplier base and will be using them in any future consultation that we require.

Tim Briggs – Technical Manager – Trans Oceanic Meat Company (Nottingham) Ltd

The initial package on offer sounded useful for a small brewer who although had a HACCP system in place needed improve and update the format.As there are many companies providing “off the shelf” packages it is difficult to know what you are going to get until you have purchased the package – it was very reassuring therefore to be able contact and obtain some advice on the product and be reassured there would be some help if so required once the package was purchased. This indeed was the case as we needed to adjust/modify the template to suit our purposes and as well as the package being very good the advice we were given was very useful. I would certainly recommend this package.

Colin Brown – Head Brewer – Director – Belvoir Brewery

We approached Techni-K at the Harrogate Food Show in June 2015 and are extremely pleased that we did! Techni-K have proved to be invaluable to our company and have helped us every step of the way with our aim to gain BRC status. The tooling they have provided has been exceptional and has been devised with clarity and ease. We would certainly recommend Techni K to any business. Not only are they professional and knowledgeable but they are friendly, approachable and nothing is ever too much trouble. Congratulations Techni-K! We are sure that your business will continue to grow and flourish for many years to come!

Natalie, Berries Ltd

I have worked with the Techni-K team since 2013, their advice in both production and technical aspects of food manufacture has been invaluable through our transition from a kitchen table enterprise to volume manufacture. Kassy has taken the time to understand our business needs and their SALSA quality manual is concise and easy to follow. I am pleased to have Techni-k as part of the team and would recommend their pragmatic approach to anyone whatever stage the business is at.

Teri-Ann Winslow, Love At First Bake

Techni-K grasped our complex cooked meat manufacture systems and were able to build a new HACCP expediently, whilst displaying an impressive level of understanding. Their clarity in reviewing our processes is impressive.

Steve Pearce, Director of Southover Foods Ltd

We would like to thank you for all the good work you did with getting the haccp plan for us up and running. EHO was well impressed.

Richard, Owner of The Little Yorkshire Pie

A massive thank you from us (for our HACCP).

Mario, Owner of Gusto Olianas

This pack really does do what it claims to! When I needed to check on something I was unsure about, Techni-K responded quickly and were very helpful – it’s good to know the help is there when you need it.

Nikki Race – Keejays

Our BRC auditor was very impressed, as was I. We went through it together, how the scoring worked, it was easy to explain – no issues raised. I’m certainly glad I asked for your assistance on our assessment!

Philip Wood – Tomlinson’s Dairies

Thanks for the material the BRC Auditor was very impressed with it.

Akash Midya – Food Safety Concerns