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Food Fraud round-up…

With the introduction of food fraud vulnerability assessments in the new SQF Edition 8 and FSSC 22,000 Version 4, I thought it would be a good idea to go through our previous posts on this subject and provide you with links to those that have been the popular and useful.
If you would like to ask any specific questions on this subject though, please feel free to add your question to the comments box below, I’d be happy to help you.  There may be other people with the same question, so by adding it to the comments box you’ll be helping others too!


raw material threat & vulnerability

TACCP & VACCP Demystified!

Our most popular post was TACCP & VACCP demystified!  TACCP and VACCP are terms that have been used a lot in reference to food fraud and have caused a lot of confusion.  This Techni-K Smart Knowledge article explains what they mean and clears up the confusion.
Raw Material Threat & Vulnerability

Vulnerability Testing, to test or not to test?

When food fraud, raw material vulnerability first came out – the first reaction was to test everything!  This obviously adds a lot of cost and therefore, we need to be careful about what we choose to test and how often we test it.  In this post we looked at how to decide what to test and what can be tested.  The article includes a video from Food Forensics which involves an interview with Professor Chris Elliott.
raw material threat & vulnerability

Answers to the most common questions on BRC Vulnerability Assessment

SQF and FSSC sites can learn a lot from the BRC sites that have already been audited against food fraud vulnerability.  In this post, I go through the most common non-conformances from these BRC sites.  By taking note of what caused problems before, we can try to reduce the number of non-conformances in this area for SQF and FSSC sites.

Food fraud vulnerability workplan

We produced a free vulnerability workplan for sites working towards their first BRC Issue 7 audit, where they would be audited against the food fraud clauses for the first time.  We had amazing feedback about this workplan document – it’s simple to use, but really helps you work through the process logically. If you’d like your copy of our workplan, just click the link below:
I hope you find these articles useful. As always, if you have questions – please post them in the comments box at the bottom of this post and I’d be happy to help you. If you’d like to explore our products that we have specifically created to help you with food fraud assessment – that are also compliant with various GFSI schemes, you can see these below. Our step-by-step methodology will help you get it right!

Need help?  Here’s our food fraud vulnerability assessment solutions…

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