M&S Product Integrity…

We have been working closely with M&S for nearly over a year now on their integrity requirements, to develop systems and training which will assist the M&S supply chain in meeting the new COPs.

My experience of working and implementing M&S COPs from a site perspective combined with my years of compliance experience, has allowed me to develop documentation packs, which not only comply with the requirements but are straight forward to use, following our step by step methodology.   Plus, we provide consultancy services if you need assistance in completing the work required, to meet the COPs.
The M&S product integrity packs are aimed to provide you with an instant solution for assessing integrity, so you can get stuck into the assessment and implementing the requirements.  They provide you with a procedure for each, which walk you through the process and can be incorporated into your current quality management system.  All the templates you need are provided, and where they can, they have been semi-automated, guiding you through the assessment, so you can be rest assured you’ve got everything covered.
Because we know how very busy you are, we want these packs to save you as much time as possible, so in the Raw Material Threat Vulnerability pack and the Product Claims Error Vulnerability pack we have provided you with a set of examples, so you can use these as inspiration or guidance, or you can pick the ones that you need and adapt them to suit your business.

We only produce best practice documentation packs – you’ll be so glad you’ve found us!
Take a look at our M&S product integrity packs below and get ready to save heaps of time …

M&S product integrity

Threats & Errors Scoping Pack

In this pack we provide you with an integrity procedure and the templates that you need to scope out the threats and errors relating to raw materials, product claims and the supply chain.  The procedure explains threats and errors, and how to assess your product claims and raw materials, ready for your threat assessment and error assessment.  Plus, you’ll get management tools for information gathering, team meetings and reviews.

The scoping assessment is provided in excel, as it is semi-automated so that it leads you through the questions and provides you with which threats and errors need to be included, plus what type of supply chain mapping exercise you need to conduct.

The pack also includes a supply chain template which you can use to send to your suppliers to assist in collating information for supply chain mapping.

All packs come with full instructions on how to complete the assessment.

Plus we’re here to help if you have any questions while you’re working on the pack, so you don’t need to get stuck – help is always at hand!

Raw Material Threat Vulnerability Pack

Once the list of ‘at risk’ threats have been pinpointed, this pack then provides you with the procedure and templates to assess the threats, add mitigation through protection measures and then manage the system.

All of the templates are provided in word and excel.  The excel version is semi-automated so that it auto-fills the impact and vulnerability results and calculates the scores.   

The pack also includes examples of threat assessments for a wide range of ingredients, so you can pick those that are applicable to you, amend them where necessary and add them to your assessment.  The examples are provided in excel and word versions, so you can pick which is best for you.

Plus the pack includes fact sheets on relevant topics such as setting up information sources, testing and verifying certification. 

Includes a free copy of the EBook ‘Assessing Threat Vulnerabilities for Food Defence’ by Kassy Marsh and Adele Adams, which provides you with all the methodology and is used on the M&S training courses.

Product Claims Error Vulnerability Pack

In order to help you carry out your error assessment on the errors that have been highlighted as ‘at risk’, we provide you with a procedure and the templates to carry out your error (segregation) assessment.

The procedure and template walks you through assessing your process for the ‘at risk’ errors, assessing each process step and adding mitigation through protection measures.

Word and excel templates are provided, but the excel version is semi-automated so it populates the impact and vulnerability result for you, then calculates the scores. 

We also provide you with examples with you can use as a base and amend, saving you loads of time!

Plus the pack comes with a free copy of the EBook ‘Assessing Error Vulnerability for Food Integrity’ which is used on the M&S course.

If you need any help while you’re working on the pack, we always provide phone or email support with all our products – so you’re not on your own!

If you want a pack that does it all, then we’ve put them together here and simply called it… INTEGRITY

All 3 packs rolled into one, this pack is total peace of mind for you and your team. You can be sure you have everything you need for your M&S Product Integrity assessment.

Our packs are designed to do most of the work for you but if you want us to help you put your M&S product integrity assessment together then we can show you how… Just give us a call and we can fast track it all for you.  We are the experts when it comes to M&S product integrity – we developed the methodology that M&S provide on the training course and wrote a book on it – you can be sure we know it better than anyone out there!

Consultancy Service

At Techni-K we can provide you with practical assistance in meeting the requirements. We are a hands-on team, so we won’t leave you with a list if work to do – we’ll get stuck in with you and help you get it done.  Our service includes:

  • A copy of all the M&S product integrity documentation packs:  Threats & Errors Scoping pack, Raw Material Threat Vulnerability pack and Product Claims Error Vulnerability pack, that we will tailor to your requirements.
  • An initial site visit, to gather all the information required to carry out your assessment and understand your products and process.
  • Completion of your scoping, threat assessment and error assessment.
  • A further site visit to present the assessments to the team, review the detail and agree mitigations and an implementation plan.

If this is something you would like our assistance on, please get in touch and we can provide you with an estimated cost. Click to use our contact form below.

System Check Service

If you are happy carrying out your M&S product integrity assessment, but just need someone to check it for you – we can carry out a desktop audit of your system for you. To book in your system verification, please get in touch using our contact form below.

All packs are supplied fully downloadable so you can get to work straight away! Full step-by-step instructions are included too. If you need  help whilst you are carrying out your assessment – we are only a phone call or email away so you never feel you’re on your own if you get stuck!