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Assessing Error Vulnerability for Food Integrity takes the pioneering methodology from the previous publication “Assessing Threat Vulnerability for Food Defence” and builds on it, to provide an approach to assessing the errors that may occur during the manufacturing process which may compromise the integrity of the product. The methodology meets and also exceeds the current requirement in some standards such as British Retail Consortium (BRC), where the requirement for an error assessment is purely limited to cross-contamination or loss of identity of products such as organic or Halal. It also meets the more detailed customer codes of practice that require a wider and more detailed assessment to be completed.

If you need an integrity plan to meet your customer codes of practise & control errors in the manufacturing process then this book is your solution.

  • Explains step-by-step how to go through the stages of preparing, assessing & continuing your study
  • Defines the scope of the study & explains the types of error to consider
  • Provides tips & advice as to how to assess your products to ensure that all possible compromises to integrity are included
  • Provides new methodology to determine the impact & vulnerability to the event & the error
  • A clear scoring system for risks & options for their management
  • Accurate & consistent management technique using our unique decision tree
  • Packed full of examples & also includes a case study so you can see the method in action.


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