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FSMAHappy Easter everyone, hope you’re all looking forward to the bank holiday!

Over the next few months we’ll be sending out information on the BRC V7 changes from V6, to assist you in meeting the standard. There are a number of changes within the BRC V7 which are not as clear as they could be, so we’ll go through each of them in turn and explain them in a bit more detail. One of the key changes is around packaging controls, including printed packaging.


There are now 3 separate sections relating to packaging and labelling:

  • 5.2 Product Labelling
  • 5.5 Product Packaging
  • 6.2 Labelling and Pack Control (NEW)
Sections 5.2 and 5.5 cover the food safety of the packaging plus the legality of the content of the labelling information. Section 6.2 is a new section, which covers the practical application of ensuring that the correct packaging is used on line. The content of 5.5 has not changed, it just now clarifies that all packaging which comes into contact with food is covered, including in process materials such as liners or bags. However, section 5.2 has a lot of changes.  Both to the way in which it must be complied with and also the way in which it will be audited.

The auditors are currently being trained on how to carry out label checks when they conduct an audit to V7.  What this means is that they will ask you for an example label (possibly the one they do the trace exercise on) and they will check this against your approved artwork proof and also the specification.  This will include checking the recipe, quantities, ingredient declaration calculations, allergen labelling to FIR and any relevant QUID.

Please note, there is a some variation in the way in which this is being trained out, from auditor to auditor, which may mean that some auditors may also be checking the legality of the label content and any statements of claims that you have used.

In our next newsletter we’ll go through the 5.2 a bit more and in subsequent updates we’ll talk about the new section – 6.2 Labelling and Pack Control.

If there is anything in V7 that you would specifically like to know more about, please just let us know and we’ll include it in our next newsletter.

Thanks, Kassy

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