BRC S&D module, Contracted Services – Quantity Control (Documentation Pack)


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BRC storage and distribution module

This comprehensive documentation pack is designed to help you meet the BRC Storage and Distribution Module, Contracted Services – Quantity Control. It contains documents which meet the specific part of the standard, which you can take, amend to meet your needs and implement – meaning you know you’ve got everything covered ready for your audit.

It has been designed to compliment our BRC Storage and Distribution Quality Management System, which covers all of the main sections in the standard.

The BRC Storage and Distribution Module pack comes with an implementation guide, which walks you through the process and helps you to manage the actions required to implement all the required systems, procedures and then adapt them to compliment your own current systems.

This section of the standard has a procedure. Each procedure also comes with supporting documentation.

This section covers the management of contracted services for quantity control, required to meet BRC Storage and Distribution and includes:

  • A calibration record template
  • A contractual agreement review template
  • Average weight record
  • Sample size calculator

and much more….

All sections purchased also come with a document control log and an audit management tool for the relevant topics.

All of our documentation packs are supported with free telephone and email support while you implement your new systems – so you don’t need to feel like you’re on your own, there’s always help at hand if you don’t understand something or just need someone to bounce your thoughts or ideas off.

Note, this pack is designed to meet the standards in the UK only.

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