Our BRC Agents & Brokers documentation pack gives you the benefit of Techni-K’s experience in product safety and quality. You can be confident that you’ve got all of the requirements of the standard covered, which will give your customers confidence in your products and services.

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BRC Agents and Brokers Issue 2 Documentation

If you’re looking for compliance to the standard that’s best practice and need to start from scratch, we recommend our complete QMS solution that will save you huge amounts of time.  All sections of the standard are included in the pack so you can be sure everything is covered. This comprehensive documentation pack contains document templates which meet the standard that you can take, amend to meet your needs and implement ready for your audit. For more details, click our product image.

If you’re starting out on the road to accreditation and need documentation and support from us, we would recommend becoming a Smart Client, you can read more about this program here

If you need a copy of the Standard, you can also find that here: BRC_Global_Standard_for_Agents_and_Brokers_Issue_2

Customer reviews…

“Techni-K have provided us with clear and prompt advice regarding our work towards gaining BRC Agents & Brokers certification.  They’ve taken a lot of strain off internal teams and we’ve been really pleased with the level of detail provided in the documentation.”  Vicky – The Coconut Company – A Techni-K Smart Client

“Some years ago we approached Techni-k as we needed support in setting up the BRC standard for agents & brokers. We contacted Techni-k and purchased the Agents & Brokers documentation from their website. This documentation combined with the excellent support we received were instrumental in getting us started quickly and affordably. Only a few months later we had a successful audit and became a BRC-certified broker.” Philip Rijken (Head QA, Bdairy, The Netherlands)

“OWA started using Techni-K in 2017 when we were required to have a BRC based audit by one of our UK supermarket clients.  It was a completely new concept to us back then and upon inspection of the BRC A&B standard we didn’t know where to start in putting together our documentation and implementing a quality management system.  With support from the Techni-K team, we purchased the documentation pack, which is essentially every policy you could possibly need in template form. We slowly integrated each policy into our company, adapting them to make the documents relevant and workable in our business.  The documents go over and above, and have perfectly covered off every single clause required. We have since had two BRC audits, the first year we scored just one minor non conformance and in the renewal year a clean sweep with zero non-conformances.  BRC also requires visits from internal auditors and thus we have used the Techni-K internal auditors who have helped to weed out any issues in our paperwork and offer ongoing and unwavering support to ensure we are always confident that our BRC quality management system is working perfectly.  Thank you again to all the team at Techni-K.” Charlotte Wallace (Business Development & Compliance Manager, Oakley Wine Agencies)

All of our documentation packs are supported with FREE telephone and email support while you implement your new systems – so you don’t need to feel like you’re on your own, there’s always help at hand if you don’t understand something or just need someone to bounce your thoughts or ideas off.  We also provide consultancy if you need us to come to site to help you implement the standard and get audit-ready. More details about this can be found here.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee – we are so confident you’ll be pleased with your pack, but if you’re not for any reason just get in touch and we’ll refund your money.

For more information please call 07955 211023 or get in touch at info@techni-k.co.uk