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BRC Issue 8

BRC Issue 8 Key Changes

BRC Issue 8 is now published, we’ve updated our key changes document.  So, now you can see the changes between issue 7 and the draft of issue 8, plus the changes from the draft of issue 8 to the actual published document.

We’ve highlighted the changes in yellow to make it really clear. And where possible I’ve put a little comment next to each change, so you can see what the changes mean.

Where there is a major change in the standard (rather than just changes to the wording or small clarifications) I’ll then take these and explain the changes in detail in the upcoming articles.  If you’re not subscribed to Techni-K Smart Knowledge – take a minute to do that now, then you will receive these in your inbox as soon as we publish!

Also, if you’d like to get your copy of the new BRC Issue 8 you can get yours here.

If there is anything you would specifically like covering first, please just let me know – by adding your thoughts in the comments box below.

We’ve also done quite a few articles on BRC issue 8 already, to get ahead of the game, so if you’d like to see those you can read them here.

If you’re not subscribed, to get your copy of the key changes document for BRC Issue 8, just click the button below.  You will need to put in your name and email address to subscribe, then we will send you a welcome email which contains a link to our downloads page – here you can download the key changes document as well as many other useful documents and tools! As a subscriber we will send you our latest article each fortnight. Your personal details are secure and will not be shared with any other organisation.

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  • DAVE NEVILLE says:


    • Kassy Marsh says:

      Hi, nothing has changed with regard to this, issue 7 says:
      “Fly-killing devices and/or pheromone traps shall be correctly sited and operational. If there is a danger of insects being expelled from a fly-killing extermination device and contaminating the product, alternative systems and equipment shall be used.”
      So, if there is a risk of bits of zapped insects going into the product, because of where the EFK is sited, then you need to try to stop this. One way of doing this would be have sticky boards.j
      I hope that helps!

  • Dave Neville says:

    Thank you so much, that is really helpful

  • Ewelina says:

    It might be worth while mentioning that V8 interpretation guide is free to download from BRC participate for all those who are already accredited to V7 🙂

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